Under the Same Moon

Under the Same Moon (Bajo la Misma Luna)

I have grown up with many shows, movies, and music; all in Spanish and in English. A film that really stood out to me was called “Under the Same Moon,” (2008) which is both a Spanish and English movie. This film is about a mother who has to leave Mexico to come to the United States in order to send money back home. Her son stays behind with the grandmother but unfortunately, the grandmother passes away leaving the son to be essentially alone. The son decides to travel to the United States in search of his mother by himself with no knowledge of where he is really going. Having saved money aside, he gets to travel but gets into a bit of trouble along the way. He meets an older man, who initially doesn’t like the child but in the end, helps the child find his mom. Throughout the son’s journey, you get to see the life the mom as well as her struggles that she is living in the U.S. The reason I like this movie is because you get to see a tiny glimpse of how hard it is to just try to cross the border and that there are people that are risking their lives and families. The sad truth about this film shows that there are kids out there traveling in harsh circumstances, and it is tragic to know how many do not make it. There are many other factors that the movie does not show in the struggle in getting to the U.S. as everyone comes from a different place and has a different story as well as different obstacles to overcome. “Under the Same Moon” was a 2008 movie that is still relevant in our society today, even though the circumstances may be a bit different, it still gets the message across that is not an easy decision to make as most know the obstacles and challenges they may or may not face, but still go through it for the sake of having a better future for their family.

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