First Year Almost Over, Stress all over!

Since the last time I updated lets just say some things have changed, well not really. Classes of course change through out each semester. This semester is more in a way not much going since my professor is more about talking than assignments, but of course still a paper due here and there. Well bleh, let me not bore you about school stuff, but yet again you are reading my life in college, there is going to be talk about school. You may think that school is boring, which can be, but if you take the right ones there are times where you learn new things that can inspire you and there things that are tragic. There are times that you want to speak out your mind but you just can’t find the guts t0 speak out, due to you may be shy or scared to be judged, etc. Well, guess what, there are more people like you in that class that feel the same way. We should all be able to say what we think since we do have the freedom of speech. If you were wrong or not you still got to be able to be heard and that counts. But hey, I am just an average student that knows that I have messed up as well in times when I should’ve spoked out.

Black and white photo of a college.
“Afternoon in College” By grasonaut via Flickr CC By 2.0

This semester I have learned that Kinesiology and Social Work are not my thing unfortunately. Yikes! I becomes more stressful for me in trying to find my inspiration in life and begin to declare a major. I can feel the pressure running down my spine everyday when I go class so much more! Gee, but I guess that is how life works. Wish me luck!

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one your going to get”- Forest Gump

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