Half Way in the First Year

It was the last month of my first semester in college, as professors call it it is “Finals month”. In that month seniors are waiting impatiently and being frustrating at the same time ready to graduate or freshman eagerly to cross the finish line of the first semester. Well lets just say it it a really tough time for everyone. You can imagine students studying late at night, people having studying groups. Yes there are some memories being made studying with friends but it sort of a distraction from what is really going in every bodies head, “I am going to fail! I do not want to repeat this class.”, and so on. Not only are most students worried about their classes but as well as their family problems, financial aid problems and so on. It is a very struggling moment that we all wish not to face, which some we procrastinate and that just makes it even worse or the problem won’t go away. Well it is normal to be in level of almost crying, but hey just remember that you are not the only one that feels that way. Luckily I passed my first semester and I wish I could have put more effort into it, but we can’t go back and have to learn from my mistakes.

Time to panic! By amenclinicsphotos ac via Flickr

Winter break is the time we all look forward to, the time to spend the holidays with friends and family and just relaxing. While are all enjoying the break we all have to come back to school and start fresh and ready to go at it again, okay maybe not ready but at least going in with hope. Just started spring semester and lets hope all go well.

Like or not, this is my career on the line.

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