“Now” By new 1lluminati Via Flickr (cc BY 2.0)

In this world most people have two options in living on this planet earth, we can either stand up for what we want and believe in or go into a lonely corner and wait till someone else does the job for you. Now this is what most parents tell their kids to get them inspired in getting a great job or standing up for oneself. Though this saying may be true for most cases it is certainly very true in college. College is a place where you either know who you are and know what you want, know who you are but still not quite sure what you want, or just still knowing who you are and want. I for instance, still discovering who I am and what do I want. College is funny in a sense that they only give you two years to know who you want to be in the future when it seems like such little time to figure oneself out. There is a pressure inside me that knows what career I want but does not know who I am and what I want. I have been struggling about dilemma this since the first time I heard the word college! Every year I thought I knew what I wanted as a career, but every year I change my mind. I am undeclared and I like a little bit of everything in most careers and it is a constant battle inside me saying “Pick me! No! Pick me! Me! Me! Me!“. I take a step back I wonder what is it that  I really like? I like to cook some things, I like to read books but not academic ones, I like to listen to music but most people do, and I am a little bit good in math and science but they don’t call my attention as much.

I can continue on with the list but none do connect to career that I am passionate about. Of course I thought about being a pastry chef, but hey chefs do not earn as much for a proper living unless you are an amazing chef like those I see in the cooking channels. With this great adventurer going on my head it is interesting seeing peeks in other careers and getting out of my comfort zone and taking other classes. I guess that is something fun college has to offer, is that you don’t have to just take only certain classes for your career but as well as other courses so you can experience other perspectives and see new things and maybe even start thinking different about how you see the world. So my advise to anyone is, do not feel overwhelmed, everyone at some point feel the same way as you. You will find your passion at some point, so for now just explore classes and point down what is it that you like or don’t like in a specific class. Have fun as well but don’t let it get in the middle of your studies. Enjoy you are young!

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