First Time

Wow, you wouldn’t believe the excitement that rushed in my veins when I heard my name being called up at the graduation ceremony. Walking up the steps, hoping I wouldn’t fall, I felt proud at the moment thinking “Yes, I have made it and now it is time for the beginning of something new…College!” There were as well so many mixed emotions going on: sadness from leaving friends behind, happiness from knowing that I made it, as well pressure from family having expectations of passing college next. A lot was going on my mind at the same time. I was trying not to cry as well from knowing that college was THE next challenge. College, college, college. It was all I could think about since the middle of senior year, graduation, and all summer. High school to me was not a big deal since it was not that hard but not as easy either. College is something new because you are on our OWN.

“Confeti” By tresemes37 via fliker (CC By-NC-ND 2.0)

The first day of college finally began and those last days before me leaving, my mother would look at me at moments with sadness in her eyes and would tell her not to look at me because if she started crying so would I and it would only mean that it would be more real. I guess I was scared leaving home to go to college but at the same I was so excited knowing I would have more freedom compared to the strict Mexican home I was raised in. When I arrived at college with my sisters and mom with me, I was excited in moving my things into the dorms. Then there was a ceremony welcoming us all new students. After that there was a party and I met new people and we danced till we were tired. When I went back to my dorm, as I laid in my new bed in the darkness I realized that I was not home anymore and I would have to get used to the new building and make new friends on campus.  This was no longer high school where teachers would hand you all the information at times, now you would have to open yourself up and go search for the information you need. College is about knowing who you are and who you want to be, as well becoming more open and friendly to others because you are now an adult.

So the sad truth is that you are now leaving your small world of childhood and now entering the adult world…a bigger world than yourself.

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