• The Handmaid's Tales

    The Handmaids Tale

    Do you ever wonder how the future is going to be? Do you ever wonder if inequalities will subside or get more intense? Based on the best-selling sci-fi novel by Margaret Atwood and adapted by Hulu into the award-winning TV show (2017), the show is set mainly in America but is now under a totalitarian society control called Gilead. This show criticizes the present and the future as well as America’s culture in how we value gender, religion, freedom, sexuality/fertility, and class. As a new viewer who just started watching this show for the first time, it is crazy how close we are to living in that society. I will…

  • Social Media

    What is the purpose of Social Media?

    The internet has always been a space created for the intention of worldwide communication, knowledge and the creation of a community. Coming into the new era of the 2000s, there have been new ways created to have more deeply communication channels. For example, recent applications (apps) used are Snapchat, Tick tock, Twitter, and Instagram (and so much more). I want to analyze the main use for Instagram. For a while, I was against in having applications like Snapchat and Instagram because what I saw for the purpose it was used I did not like, as I will mention later as to why.  Each application is used in different ways but…

  • The Last Air Bender

    “The Last Airbender” and What is wrong with this film…

    As a child, I grew up with a television show called Avatar: The Last Airbender (2008), which was and still is my favorite animated show. In 2010, this television show was adapted into a movie by M. Night Shyamalan. I haven’t seen this movie in years, but I could vividly remember that it was a terrible adaptation of my beloved cartoon.  For those of you who unfortunately did not have a childhood, this show is about a boy, who is the “avatar” who possesses grand power over the four elements: water, earth, fire, and air. The whole earth is broken into four different nations corresponding to each different element, as…

  • Grudge

    The Grudge

    When I think about what kind of media has scarred me as a child, and still gives me the creeps, it is the film The Grudge (2004). This reason this film scarred me as a child was due to the appearance of the grudge and the noises she makes. First, the movie is a 1990’s Japanese horror culture film that is about a person dying in such rage or sorrow that becomes a curse and is a repeated chain of events.  When looking at the film itself, the characteristics of this grudge that I find scary are 1. How her appearance is an unnatural pale with long dark hair and…

  • Under the Same Moon

    Under the Same Moon (Bajo la Misma Luna)

    I have grown up with many shows, movies, and music; all in Spanish and in English. A film that really stood out to me was called “Under the Same Moon,” (2008) which is both a Spanish and English movie. This film is about a mother who has to leave Mexico to come to the United States in order to send money back home. Her son stays behind with the grandmother but unfortunately, the grandmother passes away leaving the son to be essentially alone. The son decides to travel to the United States in search of his mother by himself with no knowledge of where he is really going. Having saved…