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    Half Way in the First Year

    It was the last month of my first semester in college, as professors call it it is “Finals month”. In that month seniors are waiting impatiently and being frustrating at the same time ready to graduate or freshman eagerly to cross the finish line of the first semester. Well lets just say it it a really tough time for everyone. You can imagine students studying late at night, people having studying groups. Yes there are some memories being made studying with friends but it sort of a distraction from what is really going in every bodies head, “I am going to fail! I do not want to repeat this class.”,…

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    In this world most people have two options in living on this planet earth, we can either stand up for what we want and believe in or go into a lonely corner and wait till someone else does the job for you. Now this is what most parents tell their kids to get them inspired in getting a great job or standing up for oneself. Though this saying may be true for most cases it is certainly very true in college. College is a place where you either know who you are and know what you want, know who you are but still not quite sure what you want, or…

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    First Time

    Wow, you wouldn’t believe the excitement that rushed in my veins when I heard my name being called up at the graduation ceremony. Walking up the steps, hoping I wouldn’t fall, I felt proud at the moment thinking “Yes, I have made it and now it is time for the beginning of something new…College!” There were as well so many mixed emotions going on: sadness from leaving friends behind, happiness from knowing that I made it, as well pressure from family having expectations of passing college next. A lot was going on my mind at the same time. I was trying not to cry as well from knowing that college…